Fantastic News!

Project X receives major ESRC funding

Project X is delighted to announce it has received a major grant from the Economic and Social Research council (ESRC).

This follows a proposal from the Project X team to undertake research intended to improve the outcomes from major project and programme delivery. Project X is uniquely place to do this as we bring together leading academics from a large number of UK universities, industry and professional representatives and government practitioners.

We believe delivery of this research will lead to increased success for projects and programmes both inside and outside of government. The stakes are high, for government our research aims are to provide practical advice and tools that will lead to improvement in project delivery and the achievement of the benefits; ultimately delivering better products for the UK citizen and financial savings to government. In the world of academia our aim is to deliver improvements into research capacity and capability of researchers as well as adding to the body of knowledge re project delivery.   

Project X was established in 2016.  Despite already having a number of individual research projects underway or completed, most of our work to date has relied upon the goodwill of the universities, government, individual grants (including ESRC) and the backing by professional bodies (PMI and APM). Receipt of the ESRC funding will enable Project X, for the first time, to work towards becoming an independent fully funded research centre. 

Our Themes

Theme A

Defining value, understanding and measuring success and the identification of critical success factors - Lead by Alexander Budzier, Said Business  School

Theme D

Assurance, reviews, reporting and governance and their connections to effective decision making - Lead by Professor Michael Bourne, Cranfield University

Theme B

Front and back-end management practices and their influence on project performance - Lead by Professor Michael Lewis, University of Bath and Professor Andrew Edkins, University College London  

Theme E

Capability & knowledge management - Lead by Professor Tim Brady, University of Brighton and Andrew Davies, University College London


Theme C

Data quality and use and their connections to project performance - Lead by Professor Terry Williams, University of Hull  and Professor Paolo Quattrone, Edinburgh University                                                                   

Theme F

Spotlight on transformation - Lead by Dr Richard Kirkham, University of Manchester and Professor Paul Nightingale, University of Sussex