Our Themes

Theme A

Defining value, understanding and measuring success and the identification of critical success factors - Lead by Alexander Budzier, Said Business  School

Theme D

Assurance, reviews, reporting and governance and their connections to effective decision making - Lead by Professor Michael Bourne, Cranfield University

Theme B

Front and back-end management practices and their influence on project performance - Lead by Professor Michael Lewis, University of Bath and Professor Andrew Edkins, University College London  

Theme E

Capability & knowledge management - Lead by Professor Tim Brady, University of Brighton


Theme C

Data quality and use and their connections to project performance - Lead by Professor Terry Williams, University of Hull                                                                     

Theme F

Spotlight on transformation - Lead by Dr Richard Kirkham, University of Manchester and Professor Paul Nightingale, University of Sussex                 

Project X Workshop 13th March 2018

Project X has been working with Government to help lever insight into its wealth of project data and information. A collaboration between government, academia and industry. And it’s working and growing.

It now needs to decide its future shape and direction. It wants to encourage diversity of thought to inform this discussion by reaching out beyond the existing stakeholders.

This is an opportunity to learn about current work and its successes and to contribute and share your ideas.

If you or your organisation has an interest in research outcomes that can improve project delivery and would like to attend our event on the 13th March, please email project.x@ipa.gov.uk with a brief expression of interest.

Places have been reserved for newcomers. Attendance will be free and refreshments provided.

We cannot subsidise travel.