About Project X

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Our Journey

Project X was conceived within the Portfolio Insight Team at the IPA as a vehicle to engage contemporary research in project and programme with the ‘real-world’ issues that are manifest across the Government’s Major Project Portfolio (GMPP). Project X is ambitious, it seeks to promote and support methodologically rigorous research that is firmly grounded in clear pathways to impact – with an ultimate ambition of delivering savings for the project delivery and enhancing project management capability across government departments and industry. 

Project X is the brainchild of Terri Harrington from the IPA and has been developed with support from Academia, Industry, Government and Consultancies.

It is now made up of 6 themes, with at least one lead on each theme. These are:

  • Alexander Budzier, Said Business School

  • Michael Lewis, University of Bath

  • Andrew Edkins, University College London

  • Terry Williams, University of Hull

  • Paolo Quattrone, University of Edinburgh

  • Michael Bourne, Cranfield University

  • Tim Brady, University of Brighton

  • Andrew Davies, University College London

  • Richard Kirkham, University of Manchester

  • Paul Nightingale, University of Sussex

Our strategy 

Project X will enhance the capability and reputation of the UK government in the execution of major programmes and projects through the promotion of world-class research and evidence based thinking.  Our strategy seeks to make a significant contribution to the achievement of an ‘excellent approach to project and programme management.’ To achieve this we will:-

  • create and support a research environment that influences our key stakeholders including national government, policy makers, research councils and professional bodies

  • use transparent, rigorous and fair approaches to the identification, selection and execution of research projects

  • work in unison with our stakeholders to strengthen the capability and reputation of the UK Government in major programme and project delivery

  • maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity underpinned by a culture of support for the development of researchers and IPA staff

  • demonstrate the highest standards of data security and data management


Our Vision 

Project X seeks to generate unique insights into the performance of major projects and programmes in Government, insights that can be used to drive continuous improvement in performance and delivery confidence. 


Our Mission

Project X will engage the civil service with academia, external project professionals and other stakeholders to inform, guide and inspire an excellent approach to programme and project delivery through effective use of the insights generated.