What iS tHEME f?

Spotlight on transformation - Lead by Professor Richard Kirkham, University of Manchester and Professor Paul Nightingale, University of Sussex.

The GMPP contains an increasing number of complex programmes designed to transform the way individual departments operate and the way in which government services are delivered to citizens. IPA have created a ‘peer group’ of the largest transformation programmes for the exchange of ideas, mutual support and the development of specific tools to assist all such programmes across government.
Government transformation and service delivery projects continue to make up the largest single category of projects by number in the portfolio. The median cost of this type of project is low (£0.2bn) but they can be the most difficult to get right due to their complex and often challenging nature. Transformation projects are often unique and therefore do not benefit from lessons learnt to the same extent that, for example, infrastructure projects do. An example of a transformation project is the Department for Work & Pensions’ (DWP) New State Pension Project to implement the Pensions Act 2014 by introducing a simple flat-rated state pension.


1. Legacy Infrastructure and Transformative Projects (Manchester)
2. Behaviour change to support technological transformation (Manchester)